Why Critical Thinking Skills are Important

Posted by HRDQ on 12/13/2018 to Critical Thinking Skills
critical thinking skills

Build Your Critical Thinking Skills With Six Characteristics

Employers want to hire employees with critical thinking skills — it's a highly-desired trait. Critical thinking helps a person evaluate information, think independently, and make decisions effectively. It's a skill that doesn't always come naturally, but it can be developed with the right tools. It's important to have critical thinking skills because it helps both the individual and the organization.

Critical Thinking Basics

Critical thinking requires a person to step back, pause, and reflect on their thought process as they move from "situation" to "decision" in a systematic way. It involves asking questions that will help gather the right information with the goal of solving a problem. Critical thinking is about analyzing that information and being able to separate fact from opinion. People can recognize when they've made assumptions and they have the capacity to assess whether they are being biased. Critical thinking skills allow a person to analyze potential resolutions and ideas — including being able to distinguish between intended and unintended consequences so that you can predict the outcomes of those options and arrive at the most logical conclusion or decision.

Critical Thinking Characteristics

Learning to exhibit these following traits will help you to successfully engage in critical thinking:

  • Inquisitive and Open-Minded
  • Objective and Analytical
  • Reflective and Reasonable

Exhibiting these skills will help you make better decisions and find more success at work. Being inquisitive and open-minded will allow you to ask the right questions to determine the best plan. Being objective means that you won't be swayed by opinions and you will stick to the truth. Having an analytical mind will help with problem-solving. And being reflective and reasonable will prevent biases to influence your decisions. Someone who has all these traits will make more thoughtful decisions that bring better results.

Develop Your Skills

HRDQ’s ‘Critical Thinking Fundamentals’ helps people to learn more about how to develop critical thinking skills. This program will help you develop more effective solutions and decisions and learn how to apply a consistent thought process to any situation that requires a resolution or action.

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