How to Create Effective Leadership

Posted by HRDQ on 02/06/2019 to Leadership
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Transform the Workplace With More Effective Leadership

Transformational leadership is a more effective type of leading others in the workplace. It can create important, positive change and is based on the belief that inspiring others to focus on the greater good produces a level of excellence that exceeds results achieved by other forms of leadership.

Transformational leadership builds a culture of trust and mutual respect, increases transparency and open communication, instills commitment and accountability and propels far-reaching changes. Transformative leadership “transforms” the organization into a more efficient workplace and leads to happier managers and employees.

Transformative leadership has a few core areas that a leader needs to fully embrace and encompass in order to move forward with success. There are four main components of Transformational Leadership:

  • Calling: Articulating a vision designed to create positive change.
  • Charisma: Connecting with followers so they enthusiastically support the calling.
  • Challenge: Encouraging followers to apply critical thinking and innovation to achieve
  • the positive change.
  • Caring: Showing genuine concern for each individual’s needs and wants

These four components should be referenced when leading a team. If a manager is able to articulate their vision, connect with employees, encourage others to apply critical thinking, and show genuine concern for others, they will find themselves as a more effective leader with greater success.

Leaders should also focus on things they can do to make their employees feel valued. They should prioritize skill development, promote networking, encourage professional memberships, participate in formal or informal mentoring, and hold themselves accountable as a role model. These are all key actions of being a transformative leader.

To develop your transformational leadership, use HRDQ’s “The Transformational Leader: Inspiring and Motivating Others to Achieve New Levels of Success” – an RTL Customizable Course. This course will show participants how to carry out the four components of transformational leadership, identify their calling and share it with passion and purpose, and develop the elements of charisma and share impactful stories with others. It will also show how to help others engage in critical thinking, implement ideas to encourage creativity and innovation, and make personal connections.

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