The Benefits of Reproducible, Customizable Training Materials

Posted by HRDQ on 02/13/2019 to soft skills training
customizable training materials

Better Skills Training Means More Organizational Success

Skills training helps employees become better versions of themselves at work. They allow people to look at their flaws and improve on them in a safe place. Some common training topics include leadership, communications, team building, diversity, negotiation, and problem solving.  

There are many different styles of training. Training types can include in-classroom, online, handouts, games, lectures, and more. Reproducible training, however, is one of the most helpful types, because of the ease of use and customizable ability.

Training that can be customized to a particular team is most likely to be effective. Training is not one-size-fits-all, and if a training session is molded to the needs of a team, the team members will perform better. Material will be absorbed more fully and a successful outcome is likely.

One key task with training is keeping everyone interested. Often, training can be considered boring. But if training materials are customized then the instructor can lead a training session where the topic is relevant and interesting to that particular group. Ways in which a session can be customized is with the company’s logo and mission, relevant wording that is particular to the organization, or the inclusion of specific topics that the team is interested in.

HRDQ's Reproducible Training Library has a broad range of soft-skills training content. The RTL library has 300+ hours of research-based instructor-led classroom training content that is easy to facilitate and customize. Each program includes a facilitator guide and support materials, participant workbook, and a supplemental PowerPoint learning guide.

These training and development products can be customized as much as needed without special software or advanced editing skills – all revisions can be made in Microsoft Office or compatible programs. When the item is purchased there will be a link to download the program files so they can be used immediately. Users can customize the materials with their brand, tailor the programs with organization-relevant material, or combine their own or HRDQ’s content to create fully customized learning tracks. 

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