Emotional Intelligence: A tool for true personal development

Street smarts. Book smarts. Common sense. There are many ways to define one’s intelligence. However, one thing that pays high dividends from the entry-level mail sorter to the chairman of the board is   emotional intelligence, the capacity to identify, use, comprehend, and manage our emotions in such a way that we can positively function in stressful situations. Emotional intelligence is a lens used to assess and act upon problems, people, past decisions, and future opportunities. By understanding our emotions - what causes them, how we show them, and what effect they have on ourselves and others - we can make better decisions about how we interact with those around us. Developing emotional intelligence skills, the ability to use our emotions in order to optimize professional and personal success, is important for everyone.
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Assertiveness and Interpersonal Influence

Assertiveness:  Behavior that enables a person to act in his or her own best interests, to stand up for him- or herself without undue anxiety, to express his or her honest feelings comfortably, or to exercise his or her own rights without denying the rights of others we call assertive behavior. 
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How to Become a Model Listener

Have you heard? Effective listening skills are the foundation for better communication, decision making, and teamwork, as well as reduced absenteeism, turnover, and conflict. Yet studies show people remember only half of what they hear, even moments after they’ve heard it. That’s because listening and hearing are not one and the same. And while we may be born with the ability to hear, the   ability to listen  is a skill that must be developed.
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To Collaborate or Not to Collaborate: Collaboration in the Workplace in 2018

Collaboration in the work place is essential There’s always been a lot of buzz about the benefits of collaboration. But before you assume collaboration is the best strategy for executing organizational goals and objectives, consider this: there’s a right way to collaborate and a wrong way to collaborate. And sometimes, collaboration is the wrong strategy altogether.
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Interview: It’s Not IF You’re Creative. It’s HOW You’re Creative.

Posted by HRDQ on 02/19/2018 to Workplace Learning, Creativity
Creativity has been called the “secret sauce” of personal growth and organizational success. And in today’s organizations the demand for more creativity is greater than ever. But what exactly is creativity? And is it possible for people to improve their creative talents? We recently interviewed Dr. Lynne Levesque, a creativity expert and author of Breakthrough Creativity and the Breakthrough Creativity Profile, about developing creativity in the workplace.
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Are Time Robbers Stealing Your Productivity?

Your to-do list is a mile long, everything is labeled high priority, and the expectations are high. Time robbers. They steal from you each and every day, leaving you overwhelmed, frustrated, and spinning your wheels. And guess what? You may be the culprit. That’s right, what derails you most is oftentimes self-imposed. Take a look at this lineup. How many do you recognize—and how can you stop the crime against productivity?
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