How to Negotiate Better

Posted by HRDQ on 10/11/2018 to Negotiating
Increasing Skills With Negotiation Styles Create More Success Negotiating well is a key part of success at work. From the moment you receive a job offer, to dealing with clients, to asking for a raise, negotiation is part of the work experience. Although it can be intimidating, knowing how to negotiate will allow employees to better advocate for themselves and their company. Negotiating skills are important and knowing your negotiation style is even more imperative.
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How 'Negotiating Style Profile' Helped 600+ Managers and Directors Strengthen Their Negotiating Skills

Posted by HRDQ on 06/29/2018 to Negotiating
Recognizing the Importance of Negotiation Skills Capitalizing on a Growth Trend after a Bottom-Floor Drop
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A Formula for Win-Win Negotiating

Posted by HRDQ on 02/19/2018 to Negotiating
Negotiating with others is a creative process that can be affected by thought, preparation, and skill practice. However, the negotiator that is most effective is the one who chooses a ‘win-win’ or collaborative style of negotiation. If the needs of both parties are taken into consideration and problem-solving strategies are harnessed to satisfy those needs, then both the outcome of the negotiation and the relationship between the parties will benefit. 
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