How to Develop Skills for Success by Improving Emotional Intelligence

Posted by HRDQ on 07/26/2018 to Emotional Intelligence
Learn About Essential Interpersonal Skills with New Webinar Emotional intelligence is very important. People who can control their emotions well and use their emotions to connect with others are often success in the workplace. Research shows that when people are emotionally intelligent they are better equipped to confront challenging issues and frequent change.
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How to Measure Emotional Intelligence

The   Emotional Intelligence Skills Assessment  is a way of measuring one of the key indicators of success. HRDQ asked co-author Dr. Derek Mann about his experiences in developing this breakthrough evaluation tool.
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Emotional Intelligence: A tool for true personal development

Street smarts. Book smarts. Common sense. There are many ways to define one’s intelligence. However, one thing that pays high dividends from the entry-level mail sorter to the chairman of the board is   emotional intelligence, the capacity to identify, use, comprehend, and manage our emotions in such a way that we can positively function in stressful situations. Emotional intelligence is a lens used to assess and act upon problems, people, past decisions, and future opportunities. By understanding our emotions - what causes them, how we show them, and what effect they have on ourselves and others - we can make better decisions about how we interact with those around us. Developing emotional intelligence skills, the ability to use our emotions in order to optimize professional and personal success, is important for everyone.
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