Playing Up Your Style for Better Communication

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Ask anyone in an organization and it won’t take much for them to identify a coworker they feel they work well with and another they find challenging. The reasoning behind this has a lot to do with personality styles, after all, some combinations are more complementary than others. If your organization wants to make meaningful improvements to their relationships, there’s no better place to start than personality style. It’s the foundation of interpersonal skills development, and vital to effective communication.
Bridging the Communication Divide is an exciting experiential game that allows everyone in your organization to not only experience the effects of personality style on communication, but practice strategies for improving their interactions with coworkers.
The adventure begins when the facilitator, acting as a Peace Corps Liaison officer, send your audience, Peace Corps volunteers, on a mission to build a bridge at a remote location. Split into two teams, they must work together to build and connect two halves of the bridge, all the while adopting behaviors consistent with one of four personality styles. But their teams are made up of opposing personality styles. This is where the real challenge arises, just as it would in the everyday workplace.
After what will inevitably result in a frustrating task, the teams are introduced to the HRDQ Style Model and its four personality styles: Direct, Spirited, Considerate, and Systematic. They will learn the characteristics associated with each, why styles can clash, identify as one of the four styles, and then discover how to “flex” their behavior to improve interactions. With this knowledge, the teams attempt the exercise once again which is when the ‘aha’ moments occur. You’ll be amazed at the marked difference in communication as individuals exercise their new-found “flexing” skills.
We designed Bridging the Communication Divide with flexibility in mind—use as a standalone 3.5-hour activity or in conjunction with the bestselling assessment, What’s My Communication Style? 
Learn all about the Style Series in this free Info Kit.

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