Can your team building training handle the Zombie Outbreak?

Posted by HRDQ on 02/26/2018 to Team Building
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Zombie Outbreak is an exciting simulation that gives participants the opportunity to practice decision making and team synergy through concensus decision making. An impending zombie attack calls for the group to work together to make the best possible decisions. While not usually life or death, there are times when employees need to make decisions as part of a team. Zombie Outbreak will help teams understand the value of synergy and learn how to conduct positive, productive conversations that lead to effective decisions under pressure.

The simulation starts out like any other January work day in Colorado Springs. You and your colleagues have gathered for a meeting, but instead of the latest corporate reports or sales figures, all anyone can talk about is the mysterious deaths of three people on a nearby highway. Although it’s possible that a prisoner from the nearby Supermax prison broke out and killed them, there’s also a rumor going around that the victims were zombies.

It sounds ridiculous. Zombies aren’t real. But then shouting starts in the office. Someone screams “Get away from Francine, she’s acting really weird! She just bit Ted!”

Suddenly zombies aren’t quite so mythical. And they’re right outside the conference room!

This is no time to imitate Rick Grimes or Michonne from The Walking Dead. Survival is the name of the game, which means staying far away from any roaming undead. Skip the zombie hunting gear and leave early for the day! 

Luckily, Steve, a co-worker, lives nearby. You escape the office to his house, but now you and your co-workers have to decide whether to bunker up here or choose from a number of other options. Colorado Springs has a wealth of potentially safe places in and around it. You could also skip town completely, assuming you can avoid the quarantine that’s definitely coming in the next few hours. 

Let’s check out some, but not all, of the possible options:

Supermax Prison: This one didn’t go so well for Sheriff Rick and the other Walking Dead survivors, and that prison was mostly empty. Still, maybe the guards are still in place and the prisoners are all in their cells. If this is your choice and you want to convince others, be sure to play up the idea of an impenetrable fortress to keep the zombies out and the group safe. You’ll definitely need to channel Rick’s leadership and negotiating skills to talk a reluctant group into going there.

Remain at your coworker Steve’s house: In The Walking Dead, safety and security are what everyone’s looking for, so holing up and defending one location sounds like a good idea. But with zombies everywhere, no place is guaranteed to be safe and some that seem like the right pick might not be. If Steve’s not in charge of the group, being at his house can cause a conflict with the leader. Shouldn’t Steve have more of a say than the rest of the group since you’re all staying at his house and eating his food? Remember, Rick Grimes and Shane Walsh were best friends before the start of The Walking Dead and that friendship didn’t survive more than two seasons of the show. While the scenario won’t delve into the consequences of each group’s choice, it may be something to consider when making a choice of where to go.

Hit the road and drive south to New Mexico: Fleeing the office and then the State could be someone’s first instinct and it’s not a bad one. After all, the zombies can’t get you if you're not near them. In the same vein, a vehicle makes defense rather simple. You just drive away from the danger and leave it in the dust. But having no destination isn’t a great plan. And car trips can be stressful under the best of circumstances, let alone with co-workers you may barely know.

Travelling, sometimes with a plan, sometimes aimlessly, is one of the main activities on The Walking Dead and it’s both a great idea and a bad one at the same time. It gets Rick and his group out of whatever trouble they’re currently experiencing but puts them on the path to finding more and possibly worse dangers. Sure, the prison was awful but it was a picnic compared to what Rick’s group endured at the hands of the Savior’s in Negan’s camp. 

Zombie Outbreak is a unique simulation that your participants will never forget!

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