Looking at the Different Leadership Styles

Posted by HRDQ on 12/06/2018 to Leadership
Leadership styles

Leadership Styles: Direct, Spirited, Considerate, Systematic

Leadership is the process of influencing others to work toward predetermined goals. As a leader, knowing your leadership style will help you navigate complex work situations with ease. Style is defined as the way a person usually behaves when he or she is able to do things their own way. If you put leadership and style together, leadership style is created: a person’s unique way of influencing others to work toward goals.

The most effective leaders adapt their leadership styles for each situation they encounter. They need to know when to be flexible, when to negotiate, and when to be firm. All styles have a degree of assertiveness and expressiveness. Assertiveness is how a person tries to influence other people’s thoughts and actions. Expressiveness is how a person displays their emotions when interacting with others.

Four Types of Leadership

There are four types of leadership styles. Some leaders can encompass more than one type – and people can also have varying degrees of assertiveness and expressiveness within the styles as well. The four types of leadership styles are:

  1. Direct – Direct leaders have high assertiveness and low expressiveness. They lead by taking charge.
  2. Spirited – Spirited leaders have high assertiveness and high expressiveness. They lead by inspiring.
  3. Considerate – Considerate leaders have low assertiveness and high expressiveness. They lead by building group harmony.
  4. Systematic – Systematic leaders have low assertiveness and low expressiveness. They lead by planning carefully.

Building Your Leadership Skills

Discovering what your leadership style is and how to apply it in certain situations is important. Develop your style with HRDQ’s webinar “Leadership Styles: Measuring and Refining Your Skills” on Jan. 30 at 2 p.m. EST. Attendees will learn how to identify their personal leadership style, gain tips on how to capitalize on style strengths, discover how to minimize style trouble spots, and see how to use their personal style to interact most effectively with others.

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