Learn Your Communication Style from 'The Office' Characters

Posted by HRDQ on 04/05/2018 to Communication

Have you ever wondered what kind of communicator you are? Knowing which type you are can help improve your working relationships with others, which leads to a happier workplace. The following are the types of communicators:

  • Direct – you have high assertiveness and low expressiveness, a decisive tone and an emphasis on the bottom line
  • Spirited – you have high assertiveness and high expressiveness, an animated speaking style and you are very persuasive
  • Systematic – you have low assertiveness and low expressiveness, and a precise and factual speaking style
  • Considerate – you have low assertiveness and high expressiveness, and you listen well and are a supportive speaker

To see these personalities in action, let’s look at characters on The Office. Some of them exemplify these traits very well.

Direct = Dwight Schrute

Dwight Schrute is a good example of a direct personality. He likes to learn independently and talks to his coworkers in a direct manner. He speaks his opinions as facts. Whatever is good for Dunder Mifflin works for him.

Spirited = Michael Scott

Michael Scott is a spirited communicator. He is assertive and expressive, and is very animated when telling stories. He is extremely persuasive – hence him being a good salesman (albeit not a good manager).

Systematic = Angela Martin

Angela Martin communicates systematically. She is precise, factual and organized. She is an independent learner and prefers to keep the conversation on work-related focused topics.

Considerate = Pam Beesley

Pam Beesley is an example of a considerate communicator. She is not very assertive but she is a good listener and supportive of others when she communicates. She likes team projects and learning as a group.

Learning which type of communicator you are will help you work with the people around you in a more efficient way. Better communication means more success in the workplace, so knowing your style and using it effectively is beneficial for all.

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