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Posted by HRDQ on 08/29/2018 to Personality Style

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Knowing your personality style is the key to understanding yourself better and working with others more effectively.  

At the foundation of each of the four personality styles – which are direct, considerate, spirited, and systematic – is a set of three drivers that guide our actions, decisions, and general life approach. Expressiveness and assertiveness are also relevant; these are learned behaviors that we use to deal with demands and expectations in life and they also help to explain how we can appear to have different personalities in different areas, like home and work.PSAW

HRDQ’s ‘Personality Style at Work’ is a developmental tool that is suitable for anyone interested in learning how their behaviors affect their own performance and their interactions with others. It is  a valuable program for those involved with or interested in leadership development, management and supervisory training, team culture, team building, communication, and career development.

The program will explain what personality style is, assess your behavior and identify your personality style, show you how to spot different personality types and give you strategies for flexing your style to adapt to any situation. It will also demonstrate how to improve a job search and help you to become a more effective manager and team member. The tool will enable you to adapt your personality to any organizational culture.

Download the ‘Personality Style at Work’ info kit to learn much more about this tool. This kit discusses the product and how it works, goes over the personality styles, and has sample pages so you can see what it is all about.

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