Using Influence to Achieve Success

Posted by HRDQ on 09/19/2018 to Communication

Learn the four types of interpersonal influence styles

Influence is a part of everyday work life. Knowing how to use influence to resolve misunderstandings and negotiating complex deals is an important part of achieving success at work. There are several different styles of interpersonal influence, and it's important to know the types for a better work experience.

The four styles are:

  • Openly aggressive behavior
  • Concealed aggressive behavior
  • Passive behavior
  • Assertive behavior

These styles all demonstrate the employee’s influencing behavior. But out of all of them, assertive behavior is the one style that always yields positive results. This behavior allows a person to strive for what they want and achieve it through their own assertiveness.

HRDQ’s ‘Interpersonal Influence Inventory’ can help with improving influencing skills. It’s a tool that reveals a preference for one of four dominant styles and is a combination self-assessment and training workshop. ‘Interpersonal Influence Inventory’ has helped thousands of people identify their interpersonal influence style, learn how they come across to others, and work toward becoming more effective communicators. Learn more about the product here:

To learn more about influence, attend HRDQ’s “Influencing Without Authority” webinar on Sept. 26 at 2 p.m. EDT. After attending participants will be able to recognize the influence tactics used by effective managers, assess situations to determine which tactics would be most and least effective and develop an influence plan to gain support from the people you need to achieve your objectives and business challenges. Click here to register: