How to Overcome Workplace Conflict and Change

Posted by HRDQ on 06/25/2018 to Conflict

Resilience is the Key to Managing Conflict and Change

Change is not an easy thing for most organizations to deal with – especially when paired with conflict. Maintaining high performance in a changing environment is a challenge, but it’s one that can be overcome by starting with the individual.

Resilience in individuals extends to a team's ability to handle conflict. When an individual sees the value in issues or problems identified, conflict and change can be seen as opportunities, not obstacles. But not everyone is naturally disposed in this way. Some need leadership to guide them through times of fluctuation.

A good leader provides transparency throughout processes – they encourage others to address conflict and change, don’t shame disagreement, and give direction after a failure or setback. They recognize and communicates that resilience does not mean being aloof or unaffected – it means keeping a tenacious spirit and setting realistic goals to improve difficult situations.

Now, of course, leadership does not have to come from one’s supervisors or management team. Anyone in your organization can be a leader and a champion for resilience – and you can help them step into that role with resilience and change management training. HRDQ's best-selling Reproducible Training Library (RTL) title, 'Resilience: How to Keep Going When the Going Gets Tough,' is a great way to give teams the tools they need to prevail through change and conflict. Offered in both classroom and e-learning formats, 'Resilience' can be used as a group training workshop or a self-guided course for individuals.

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