How to Improve Happiness at Work for Employees

Posted by HRDQ on 03/05/2019 to Job Satisfaction
improve happiness at work

A More Satisfied Team Means Greater Success

Happy employees mean better business. Numerous studies have proven that a happier and more engaged staff means more success in the business – less turnover, more productivity, and better financial numbers.

Developing a business that has happier employees can be difficult, however. Organizations can’t just MAKE happiness — but they can foster conditions that lead to more engagement, which in turn creates happiness. If these conditions are in place, happiness is likely to follow.

There are some job characteristics that an organization can provide which will boost employee satisfaction:

  • An opportunity for growth in the workplace
  • More challenges and variety at work
  • A clear description of the employee’s role
  • Contact with others and strong teamwork
  • A supportive management team
  • Job security and the potential for advancement
  • Equality and fair treatment
  • Good pay and quality benefits

If an organization provides the above offerings, employees are more likely to be happy and appreciate their job. A workplace that places emphasis on teamwork, growth, ideas, incentives, and paying a fair salary will find itself with engaged employees that drive success.

HRDQ’s “The Happiness Factory” tool can grow employee happiness with a unique method. It uses the concept of a manufacturing facility as an analogy for the production of happiness. Participants go through a series of factory "stations" including a reception area, break room, factory floor, and offices that represent a facet of the workplace where organizations can foster the conditions that lead to increased levels of engagement. Participants learn how to redesign tasks, responsibilities and physical working conditions to support greater job fulfillment and happiness.

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