Discover the Most Important Skills for Supervisors: Attend Our Upcoming Webinar

Posted by HRDQ on 04/20/2018 to Supervisor Skills

Learn the Most Important and Effective Supervisory Skills 

51d00a35-b388-4ece-97ba-99364cbd1092Keera-GodfreyGreat supervisor skills are essential for anyone who wants to inspire and lead their team to success. If a supervisor has poor skills, they will likely fail not only themselves but their team and organization as well. Supervisors are responsible for getting work done through others and they are the front-line leaders who influence service and quality.

There are five specific skills that supervisors need to master:

  • Guiding the work
  • Organizing the work
  • Developing the staff 
  • Managing performance
  • Managing relations

Do you need more guidance with these important skillsets? Join us on Wednesday, May 23 from 2-3 p.m. EDT for a webinar that discusses the most important skills supervisors should have. The webinar is hosted by Keera Godfrey, MBA, M.S., a change management and training consultant with 15 years of experience helping organizations connect, build, and invest in their people.

Webinar attendees will learn how to identify a supervisor’s strengths and weaknesses; the actions supervisors should avoid; how to help supervisors plan, prioritize, and delegate; and the skills for supervisors that build productive relationships.

This webinar is designed for organization development professionals, human resources professionals, consultants, supervisors, and managers. Learn how to improve your supervisor skills with tips and advice from a respected expert in the field.

Keera is a certified change practitioner and master trainer who founded Naris Communications in 2010. Her company specializes in designing training programs, developing stakeholder communications, and delivering leadership training to support organizational transformation, performance improvement, and information system implementations.

She has created several training courses including Understanding Risk Perception, Communicating in Difficult Situations, Building Teams and Core Values, Building Relationships, Train-the-Trainer Techniques, Personality Style at Work Assessment Workshop, and Lean Leader.

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