Building Better Customer Service Skills

Posted by HRDQ on 12/27/2018 to Customer Service
Customer Service Skills

Learn How to Improve Your Customer's Satisfaction

Customer service is of the utmost importance to a business. If a business lacks a thorough and understand customer service team, customers will be unhappy and go elsewhere. Every organization should ensure that its customer service team can meet the demands of its clients.

In a recent survey on customers service, more than 50% of respondents said that they hung up the phone before their problem had been addressed, according to the Consumer Reports National Research Center. This means that there is a large percentage of unhappy customers out there. Ensuring your clients are satisfied and taken care of can mean the difference between a business succeeding and failing. But it all comes down to the skills people have on the front line – on the phone.

Every customer is different and every phone call is an opportunity to provide help to the people who support your business. Customer service reps need to be able to adapt their skills to deal with each individual effectively. These areas should be focused on when attempting to perform the highest quality customer service:

  • Use empathetic language to show you sincerely care about a customer’s situation
  • Clarify your understanding of what a customer wants or needs
  • Interpret the nonverbal message in a customer’s statement, complaint or issue
  • Ensure the experience is positive and helpful throughout the various stages of the call
  • Manage stress responses when dealing with upset, angry, unclear, or overly talkative customers
  • Address complaints and resolve problems so that customers feel satisfied

If the customer service representative performs all of the above, they are more likely to end the call with a satisfied customer. It’s important to remember to remain calm, positive, and open-minded throughout the conversation. You have the power to turn someone’s negative into a positive.

To learn how to perform better customer service, try HRDQ’s Reproducible Training Library title “Delivering Exceptional Phone Service: Increase Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty.” This soft skills training course will teach participants how to actively listen to patrons so that they feel heard and understood, convey an attitude of service during each stage of a call, remain calm and professional when dealing with difficult situations, and know when to say no to customers' requests in a positive way.

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