6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before a Presentation

Posted by HRDQ on 04/17/2019 to Presentation Skills
questions to ask before a presentation

It’s not at all uncommon to worry over public presentations – they come with a lot of challenges:

  • Presentations require a set of communication skills that don’t get as much practice as your everyday skills do.
  • You only have one chance to impress and influence your audience.
  • Presenting can make you feel isolated – unsupported and disconnected, left to close a gap between you and your audience (who sit in judgment).
  • They’re all going to laugh at you.
  • Failing to influence your audience can have far-reaching consequences, beyond the particular setting of your presentation – it can affect your business relationships, discourage you from making other presentations, or have negative outcomes for the organization you represent.

But, presentations are very important, and most of us are called upon to deliver one at some point. Presentations are given to initiate or influence a course of action, and so they are an invaluable tool. Having the best presentations skills you can puts you in the position to incite change, to foster understanding, to promote learning, to divide, to unite – in short, to lead.

But how do you know if your presentation skills are up to par? Sometimes, the outcomes of a presentation are clear, but it’s hard to determine why things turned out the way they did.

The Presentation Skills Profile provides a model, made up of specific behaviors, to compare with your existing practices. Proven to produce successful results, the model is revealed through self-assessment. Made up of six questions, the Presentation Skills Model addresses all aspects of planning a successful presentation. The questions are:

6 Questions to Ask Yourself Before a Presentation

  1. What is Your Objective?
  2. Who is Your Audience?
  3. How Will You Structure Your Presentation?
  4. How Will You Create Impact?
  5. How Will You Design and Display Visual Aids?
  6. How Will You Stage Your Presentation?

When completing the Presentation Skills Profile, you will be presented with examples of behavior that demonstrate your awareness of each of the six questions while planning and delivering a presentation. Measuring the similarity between your behavior and the “model” behavior will indicate which areas you can improve to heighten your chances of success.

With presentations as a resource, rather than a chore, you’ll have the power to shape your future. Readiness and awareness can bring about a change in your disposition to group communication, self-confidence, and the control you have of your own outcomes.

Let the Presentation Skills Profile be your guide to better performance, and a better work life.

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